The InPublishing Podcast


Will Page

Season 4, Ep. 4

James Evelegh talks to Will Page, author and former chief economist at Spotify, about: 

• what publishers can learn from his book 'Tarzan Economics: Eight Principles in Pivoting Through Disruption' 

• how the music industry was the first to suffer and the first to recover

• how consumption is not the problem, monetisation is

• how industries, when they face disruption, shouldn't fight change, but build something that's better than before ... "change is happening regardless"

• how tech kills friction ("publishing still has a lot of friction")

• how the future of publishing might be catering to the extremes: bargain & luxury

• what lessons publishers can take from the rebirth of vinyl

• how publishers need to aim much higher as their current subs numbers are "missing zeros"

• how publishers can rethink the challenges they face

• how the redesign of King's Cross station was publishing's "Napster moment"

• why we should actually listen to customers: "customers have pulses, dashboards don't"

• and much more…

(This interview was recorded on 4th October.)

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