The InPublishing Podcast


Dave Musgrove

Season 5, Ep. 4

James Evelegh talks to Dave Musgrove, content director, history, at Immediate Media, about: 

  • their HistoryExtra podcast hitting the twin milestones of 15 years & 150m downloads
  • how they're marking the milestones with a new series: '15 minutes of fame'
  • introducing a UGC element to their podcasts
  • dos & don'ts of creating a successful podcast
  • how the podcast started as a marketing channel but is now a monetisable product
  • how the HistoryExtra podcast team manages to deliver such prolific output
  • why the Bayeux Tapestry still resonates today
  • why they've put a paywall on the HistoryExtra website
  • their key paywall learnings to date
  • his thinking on incorporating a more "clubbable element" to the HistoryExtra offering
  • his hopes for a possible new lease of life for the newsstand post-pandemic
  • and much more...

(This interview was recorded on 23rd June.)

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