The InPublishing Podcast


Gavin Thompson

Season 5, Ep. 1

James Evelegh talks to Gavin Thompson, Newsquest's regional editor for Wales, about: 

  • their decision to launch The National last year (in part due to London-based news media not fully understanding Welsh needs)
  • about its mission to promote a sense of Welsh identity and pride in the country
  • its three core content pillars (Welsh culture, the devolution settlement & social justice)
  • how print was an important part of their launch, and might be an important part of their future, but for now, is a distraction
  • how the new title fits in with Newsquest's existing Welsh titles
  • its dual focus on growing digital subs and audience reach
  • how newsletters will play an important role in subscriber retention
  • why they (indeed all journalists) need to get better at "talking about ourselves"
  • how regional media has reached a tipping point and is becoming a growth business again
  • why audience performance is such a key driver of business success
  • the importance of "feet on the ground" as opposed to reporting from a bedroom 200 miles away
  • and much more...

(This interview was recorded on 6th January.)

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