The InPublishing Podcast


Rosie Nixon

Season 4, Ep. 8

James Evelegh talks to Rosie Nixon, editor-in-chief of HELLO! Magazine, about: 

  • her new book 'Be kind' ("my lockdown baby")
  • why HELLO! wears its kindness as a "badge of honour"
  • why she has no hesitation in blocking toxic online comments; "they don't have a place in our world"
  • how HELLO! responded to Covid, when glossy photo-shoots were harder to come by
  • making royal coverage their USP
  • why HELLO! is a multi-platform brand, but "print still sets the tone"
  • making HELLO! a 24/7 brand and engaging with younger readers through Tik Tok et al
  • why depth and exclusivity are what separates their content from the huge volumes of celebrity content available online
  • why the office environment is still important ("as a journalist, you need to be seeing other people")
  • why the future of publishing must be underpinned by a deep understanding of audience needs and... being agile
  • and much more...

(This interview was recorded on 30th November.)

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