The InPublishing Podcast


Tabitha Stapely

Season 4, Ep. 7

James Evelegh talks to Tabitha Stapely, founder & director of Social Streets, about: 

• being a digital first publisher launching a print magazine

• their 'minimum viable product' approach

• the hyperlocal community-led journalism model

• the importance of community outreach and her aim to get people to fall in love with the place they live in

• trying to become financially sustainable as a 'community interest company'

• her journey from GQ intern to independent local publisher

• her ambition to increase UGC and make 'Roman Road London' and their other sites, platforms for the whole community

• the tech challenge facing all hyperlocal sites

• why hyperlocal publishers should unite to facilitate ad selling across sites

• why she thinks values-based publishing might be the way forward for the consumer magazine sector she used to work in

• and much more

(This interview was recorded on 18th November.)

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