The InPublishing Podcast


Sharon Cooper

Season 3, Ep. 13

James Evelegh talks to Sharon Cooper, chief digital officer at The Economist Intelligence Unit, about: 

• the nature of organisational change: people want change until they actually have to make the change

• why she sees her role as not automating people out of a job, but automating them into a better job

• how EIU's new Viewpoint product focuses on the user experience, allowing for both 'deep dive' and 'horizon scan' usage

• how expectations of website design have changed: users now expect everything to be as simple as the best B2C experience

• why business information providers should avoid getting "too fancy"

• how, with clients increasingly being able to access the data themselves, business information providers need to remain laser focused on where they add value

• the rise of real-time data and how to avoid data overload

• how to embed yourself into a client's workflow without getting in the way

• why there's nothing necessarily wrong with legacy tech, just legacy tech that's not looked after

• why clients and users are both the biggest threat and the biggest opportunity to business information providers

• and much more...

(This interview was recorded on 27th May.)

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