The InPublishing Podcast


Rory Brown

Season 4, Ep. 6

James Evelegh talks to Rory Brown, co-founder & CEO of AgriBriefing, about: 

• how good media is user-centric, not platform-centric

• their journey from traditional B2B publisher to data business

• how selling high value corporate subscriptions requires a different mindset

• how success in the commodity pricing market is based on trust

• why "volatility is our friend"

• why he sees AgriBriefing being an integral part of the agri industry, not just a media company reporting on it

• how his career has come full circle and how what was not fashionable in the early 90s is now

• why B2B is all about helping the audience do their job better

• his ambition to be one step ahead of his customers, offering them things they don't yet know they need

• their ambitions to be a dominant player in the commodity pricing market

• why good strategy is as much about what you don't do, as what you do do

• why being a magpie and a collector of good ideas will always serve business leaders well 

• and much more

(This interview was recorded on 4th November.)

We would like to thank our podcast sponsor, Air Business, a market-leader in distribution and subscription management services for the publishing industry. Its end-to-end service includes subscriber acquisition and marketing strategy, worldwide distribution, digital, mail and e-commerce fulfilment, and warehouse and freight logistics.

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