The InPublishing Podcast


Mike Sewell

Season 3, Ep. 11

James Evelegh talks to Mike Sewell, managing director of CPL, about: 

• the thinking behind their recent MBO and his plans for the future

• the transition from contract publisher to content marketing agency

• why storytelling skills, words and pictures are still fundamental 

• why membership organisations need to work out what their message is before worrying about the channels

• why print still has a vital role to play in the content mix

• why the hero / hub / hygiene model still applies

• how Covid has accelerated pre-existing trends but also given organisations the opportunity to go back to first principles

• the challenges of onboarding new staff during a pandemic (10% of CPL's staff have started during lockdown)

• the important role the office has to play in the future

• and much more...

(This interview was recorded on 6th May.)

We would like to thank our podcast sponsor, AdvantageCS, a leading global provider of subscription and membership management software. Capabilities include marketing, sales, payments and customer relationship software for publishers, membership associations and information providers.

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