The InPublishing Podcast


Loma-Ann Marks

Season 3, Ep. 6

James Evelegh talks to Loma-Ann Marks, editor-in-chief at interiors magazine Reclaim, about why the recycling and repurposing that is at the heart of her magazine is now in vogue, how Instagram has been central to her community building efforts and why she makes a point of responding to every comment, why “finding your voice” is the secret to successful magazine publishing, why she always likes to put a window on her front covers, how the tone of coverlines has evolved since lockdown started, why BLM has prompted her to take a more proactive approach to diversity and the positive impact this has had on the magazine, why micro-managing talent is counter-productive, and why, certainly for aesthetically-led subjects like interiors and fashion, print is here to stay (even though she’s got loads of digital plans), and much more…

(This interview was recorded on 25th February.)

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