The InPublishing Podcast


Jon Bickley

Season 2, Ep. 2

Ciar Byrne talks to Jon Bickley, CEO of Anthem Publishing, about his early days in circulation, heady times at rapidly expanding Future Publishing, setting up Anthem, how the company has evolved and where next for the Bath-based publisher. He also looks at the wider challenges facing the magazine sector and tells us why forging an ever-closer relationship with the reader is so important, and much more…

(Paul Pettengale, one of the founders of Anthem Publishing, sadly passed away after this episode was recorded. RIP, 1971-2020.)

We would like to thank our podcasts sponsor – Acorn Web Offset, the Yorkshire-based specialist A5 and A4 magazine printer. With high speed web offset and sheet-fed printing together with in-house saddle stitching, perfect binding and mailing services, Acorn can cope with the most demanding of production turnarounds. Acorn prides itself on its efficiency and low cost print production.

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Sharon Cooper

Season 3, Ep. 13
James Evelegh talks to Sharon Cooper, chief digital officer at The Economist Intelligence Unit, about:• the nature of organisational change: people want change until they actually have to make the change• why she sees her role as not automating people out of a job, but automating them into a better job• how EIU's new Viewpoint product focuses on the user experience, allowing for both 'deep dive' and 'horizon scan' usage• how expectations of website design have changed: users now expect everything to be as simple as the best B2C experience• why business information providers should avoid getting "too fancy"• how, with clients increasingly being able to access the data themselves, business information providers need to remain laser focused on where they add value• the rise of real-time data and how to avoid data overload• how to embed yourself into a client's workflow without getting in the way• why there's nothing necessarily wrong with legacy tech, just legacy tech that's not looked after• why clients and users are both the biggest threat and the biggest opportunity to business information providers• and much more... (This interview was recorded on 27th May.)We would like to thank our podcast sponsor,AdvantageCS, a leading global provider of subscription and membership management software. Capabilities include marketing, sales, payments and customer relationship software for publishers, membership associations and information providers.