The InPublishing Podcast


Jim Bilton

Season 3, Ep. 14

James Evelegh talks to Jim Bilton, creator of the recent mediaONmedia survey, about: 

• how rewatching Citizen Kane during lockdown got him looking into what other media films were out there

• how what started out as a bit of "lockdown fun" has thrown up fascinating insights into the present state of the media sector

• why a film from the 1970s encapsulates what journalism is all about

• which recent news media events might make good material for a future film

• why the newsroom provides such fertile ground for TV gold

• why former Sunday Times editor Harold Evans dominates the book lists

• the enduring appeal of Evelyn Waugh's Scoop

• why he added a supplementary question about the "most influential people in the media" and the interesting people it threw up

• how someone described by one survey respondent as "clueless and conscious-free" dominates world media today

• the prospect of Trump, the media mogul

• and much more...

(This interview was recorded on 10th June.)

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