The InPublishing Podcast


Helen Fish

Season 4, Ep. 2

James Evelegh talks to Helen Fish, group chief executive of Executive Grapevine, about: 

• their transition from traditional publisher to marketing services company focused on lead generation

• the importance of research and understanding your readers: "you've got to walk the steps with your readers".

• how GDPR was the biggest opportunity to take market share

• why 'time on page' is the key metric

• why the future is in personalised content (though the audience might not be ready for it yet)

• delivering an outstanding experience to all stakeholders through putting people first

• the constant search for improvement: "I don't believe in relaunches; change happens daily".

• why she has no intention of going back to being an office based business

• her thoughts on the future of events - virtual vs in-person

• the critical importance of having unique, sticky content: "invest in your journalists and you will reap the rewards".

• and much more…

(This interview was recorded on 12th August.)

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