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Caroline Law

Season 1, Ep. 5

Ciar Byrne talks to Caroline Law, editor-in-chief of The Week, about her first job in publishing (at The Oldie), her early pre-internet days at The Week, how they decide which stories to put in and which to leave out, and, with The Week celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, its enduring appeal, and much more...

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(Photo by: Jonny Ainslie)

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Emma Callaghan

Season 3, Ep. 7
James Evelegh talks to Emma Callaghan, sales & invention director at Reach Solutions, about• how the "digital ecosystem has changed everything for publishers" although brand loyalty to newspaper brands still exists• Reach's strategy of increasing engagement with, and understanding of, their audience through their successful registration programme• why the close working relationship between editorial and commercial teams is a central part of their pitch to advertising partners• how the Team Nation initiative showed what can be achieved when rival newspapers work together• how their new Mantis brand safety tool is unlocking previously blocked content on their sites• how they've simplified their extensive and complicated portfolio of 9 national newspapers, 110 regional newspapers and 70 online brands into easy-to-understand packages for advertisers• why the industry must commit itself to real change when it comes to diversity and inclusion and not fall back on tick box exercises• how Reach's customer value strategy has provided an energising focus across the entire business• why print is still important, whilst acknowledging that, for younger readers, the route into Reach's brands will be via digital• why she's so keen to get back into the office• and much more...(This interview was recorded on 4th March.)We would like to thank our podcast sponsor,AdvantageCS, a leading global provider of subscription and membership management software. Capabilities include marketing, sales, payments and customer relationship software for publishers, membership associations and information providers.