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Strava: An Internet Service for Tracking Human Exercise Which Incorporates Social Network Features

Mark Gainey is the Chairman and co-founder of Strava which came into conception 13 years ago when he and his business partner Michael Horvath were on a collage rowing team. However, when they graduated, the team aspect, the speed of core, the camaraderie, and the competition were poof! gone. As early as 1995 Mark and Michael had a business plan to create that team atmosphere and experience, but on a global scale.Strava is a passionate and committed team unified by their mission to build the most engaged community of athletes around the world. Their balanced approach of consistently searching for new ways to inspire athletes and make fitness fun, as well as the inclusivity of a team environment that elevates each and every member has allowed them to revolutionize the industry. And they're only getting started. As the Coronavirus continues to change the landscape of the fitness industry more and more people are working out from home or in the great outdoors.What sets Strava apart from the other fitness apps in the industry, is that instead of downloading a piece of technology, you are joining a community and a network of like-minded folks that help hold you accountable and build long term goals. In addition, Strava is able to integrate just about every other app and device that a person might utilize as a part of their fitness journey. The impactful level of interaction is limitless and as more folks share their experience with friends and family the community continues to cultivate and grow.