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Marketing Matters: Philly Fashion, Juno Jones Boots & Pandemic Fashion World

This week we are joined by Elissa Bloom of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator to discuss a few unique concepts in Fashion today. Elissa brings a unique and fresh understanding to the world of fashion and business and within her company manages all aspects from design, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution.

Within the Incubator program, some new interesting products have launched during the pandemic. One unique product is the Juno Jones Safety Boot which is targeting a relatively untouched market with women who work in construction, engineering, architecture, and all kinds of hazardous industries. The boots a brainchild of Emily Soloby, a designer-in-residence at the Philadephia Fashion Incubator joined the incubator to take the boots "from an idea to a powerful reality".

While creating the boots Soloby created a private Facebook group penned 'The Hazard Girls' and simultaneously built a target group in which would benefit from the creation of her boots that also allowed them to provide feedback to the creation of the boot. She really took her product marketing to the next level.

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