Marketing with Wharton's Hip Hop Prof


Counterpoint Messaging, a Company Focused on Political and Advocacy Campaigns at the Local, State, and National Level.

John Rowley, founder of Counterpoint Messaging has worked on over 500 democratic political campaigns in 47 states and has won 91% of his campaigns.

Political "brands" involve a myriad of techniques to sell ideas, ideals, and political candidates to the general public through commercial branding and advertising in presidential political campaigns. However, nowadays it has become the norm to bash and minimize the opposing incumbent, instead of speaking to the political transformations and advancements that a candidate brings to the table.

John refers to Frank Lloyd Wright in that his architectural designs come organically from the landscape and the same notion applies to political strategies. He has been involved in campaigns where they did not have to say one word about the opposing incumbent and achieved defeat because of the current circumstances.

Building a political campaign strategy that is able to absorb negativity is a huge factor, especially with the inclusion of social media which allows for a rapid spread of information and reaching a much larger audience pool.

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