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Marketing Matters: Business Showers & Casper with Bed Bath and Beyond

Retail Dive's Carra Salpini joins the Marketing Matters show to discuss Hit or Miss: Here we describe Business Showers and the partnership of Casper and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Congratulations! It's a Start-up. Some friends have babies, and some are starting companies so the new trend is to hold a 'Business shower' in the early stages o a start-up, sometimes when the business is still just developing as an idea. What is definitely a new concept, it allows an entrepreneur to celebrate a major life milestone. Similar to other types of showers these also include food, games, and yes, even a registry.

In the summer of 2021, Bed Bath & Beyond and Caspter Sleep Inc. announced a new national partnership that will bring Casper's award-winning suite of sleep offerings to Bed Bath & Beyond customers through the website, mobile app, and select retail stores. Part of this partnership will also include a one-of-a-kind branded shop-in-shop at Bed Bath & Beyond's newly designed flagship store in New York City.

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