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Unmistakably Utz

We have two guests on this episode, Bill Blubaugh, SVP Marketing & Communications, and Mark Schrieber, EVP and Chief Customer Officer at Utz Quality Foods.

When the pandemic hit there was a big response to eating at home, therefore snacking throughout the day, and companion snacks to main meals were increased. Utz specifically saw an uptick in their core indulgent portion of their portfolio (potato and tortilla chips), and eventually started to see growth as well with the more permissible and healthy snack options such as popcorn, veggie straws, and snack mixes.

The loyalty, love, and following for the Utz brand comes from the fact that they are a smaller, crafted brand and the idea of unmistakably delicious flavors that are family crafted resonates with people. Utz has been family-owned and run for 100 years, and to celebrate their hundredth year anniversary the brand has organized A Year of A Hundred Wishes which extends to consumer activation, employee engagement initiatives, and local community involvement. In addition, a consumer promotion called Our Candles, Your Wish is launching soon where consumers can blow out the candles on the Utz milestone celebration cake and win prizes.

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