Episode 193: Antonio CT - Résilience

Ep. 193

Antonio C.T. returns to Uncontained! We talk about two movies he shot and directed, "El Freeman" a feature film that recently got its theatrical release in Kazakhstan and will be distributed in the US later this year. Antonio also has a short film"Résilience" about a young woman's fight with depression, that has been taking film festivals by storm, including winning the AT&T Film awards.

We also talk about some of the challenges that he faces as a foreign filmmaker in the United States. For example what hoops he has to jump through to be granted a Visa.

Antonio also hints at an upcoming project he is working on with a past guest of Uncontained, Ragnhild Bjorge, a Norwegian actress and Stuntwoman. Unfortunately due to Non-disclosure agreements he couldn't share much more.

I had a great time catching up with Antonio and I will keep you all posted on when and where you can find the two movies we talk about in this episode. Plug in your earbuds, this is how Antonio C.T. lives Uncontained!

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