Episode 197: Langley McArol - Unapologetically Myself

Ep. 197

Langley McArol joins me on Uncontained to talk about how he is handling quarantine. These 'Uncontained from containment' episodes have been really fun because you never know where things will go when people aren't able to work on any projects. For some reason they have been longer than the average Uncontained interviews normally are, but that's just how the conversations have been flowing. I had a great time talking to Langley and discovered that we both have a very similar sense of humor and way of dealing with personal issues and traumatic experiences through that sense of humor.

Langley shares some great advice about auditions, putting your best foot forward in front of casting directors, and not letting your imperfections get in your head and stop yourself from getting the job. He also shares what he looks for when searching for an acting coach. He believes it's essential to have a good coach and go to acting classes in person (or online like he has to do right now being quarantined). When it comes to chasing his dreams and passion Langley is like a pit-bull chasing after what he wants, so plug in your ear buds, this is how Langley McArol Lives Uncontained!!!!

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