Episode 196: Hauk Heimdallsman - Make The Music You Want

Ep. 196

Musician Hauk Heidallsman, joins me on Uncontained to talk about his new solo album Red Tail Rising! This album came out in February and now that most of us are on an involuntary stay-cation, Hauk is using his time to work on his next album for his other band Black Hat Society. We talk about some of the challenges Hauk has come across recording his new album. we also discus what influenced and helped shape the his new album Red Tail Rising.

Like all touring entertainers Hauk was forced to cancel all of his shows until this crazy Corona thing is over. I'm excited for the time when acts can start touring again, because by that time all of these entertainers will be starving to get on the road with so many new creations to show the world. Until the entertainers can hit the road again many are in need of a little help. I am not asking for hand outs for entertainers but if you are in a position that you can afford it please think about actually purchasing some of music that is almost always streamed for free, or by some of their merch. I had to throw that out there before it got bad and we had to bring Sarah McLachlan in to sing a sad song and make you all cry like the ASPCA commercials.

Plug in your ear buds, This is how Hauk Heimdallsman Lives Uncontained!!

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Facebook: @blackhatsociety

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