Episode 195: Sami Freeman - Uncontained in Containment

Ep. 195

This week Sami Freeman joins me on Uncontained! We talk about how she is spending her self-quarantine, new music she is releasing every Friday, and the importance for a musician to be enrolled in ASCAP, or BMI. Make sure you follow Sami on Instagram @samifreemanmusic so you can catch Instagram live shows with her and other musicians, to help break the boredom of self-containment. Don't miss Sami's track Moments featuring Uncontained guest Nate Salman from Waterstrider on guitar and backing vocals. I'm trying something new this week giving you a sneak peek of the song at the beginning of the episode and then stick around to hear the full song at the tail end of the show. Plug in your earbuds, this is how Sami Freeman Lives Uncontained...in containment!

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Instagram @samifreemanmusic

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