Episode 190: Rob Van Dam - Headstrong

Ep. 190
This weeks episode has been in the making for a while. Thanks to Comedian Tom Garland and filmmaker Joe Clarke who both played a big role in making the connection with my guest, WWE icon Rob Van Dam known to fans simply as RVD or "The Whole F@(king Show", right here on Uncontained! We talk about the movie/documentary "Headstrong" which took an unexpected turn during shooting. It was originally supposed to be about RVD on the road doing stand up, but quickly became a documentary about brain health. Having suffered a concussion the night before leaving on tour, Rob was dealing with the effects of the concussion on the road, he was light sensitive, seeing double, having headaches to name a few symptoms. During the making of the film RVD was fighting the idea of focusing on his concussion, because he didn't want to be viewed as anything other than Superman, Rob Didn't want to become the poster boy for concussions. RVD and Filmmaker Joe Clarke fought for their vision of the film's direction. After going back and forth many times they came to an agreement. The decision to show his human side paid off, after hearing how Rob's story helped many people, and now RVD hope's to continues to to be the poster boy for brain health.Rob also talks about a documentary that he saw after Headstrong came out, that if he saw before Headstrong might have made him take his concussion more seriously. Chris Nowinski's Head Games A documentary that follows Chris, a football player and pro-wrestler's quest to uncover the truth about the consequences of sports related head injuries.Keep your eyes open for RVD's line of CBD products, which have qualities that are proven to help support brain health as well as kill pain. he has some tinctures and creams that will be available soon. I will let you know more info on those as soon as I hear more. This episode is loaded for the whole f*@ckin show from talking about Rob getting some 21 million stem cells injected in to his body, what Rob has to say about wrestling being fake or scripted, and how being unique helped set himself apart from all of the sheeple. Plug in your earbuds, This is how WWE icon Rob Van Dam The Whole F*#king Show Lives Uncontained!Facebook @TheRealRVDInstagram @TheRealRVDTwitter @TheRealRVDWatch Headstrong on Amazon Prime Here!!!