Episode 198: Sylvan De La Cruz - Finding Your Mentor

Ep. 198

This week I talk to musician Sylvan De La Cruz on Uncontained. We talk about how Sylvan he met his music mentor HB Barnum. who was Aretha Franklin's music director for over 20 years as well as Ray Charles'. HB Barnum is a behind the scenes legend as well, at both Motown and Capital Records, and has worked with such artists as Barry White, Lou Rawls, Brian Wilson and even toured with the Beatles before they were a house hold name. Sylvan explains how HB's mentoring has has a profound influence on his musical development. Being a later bloomer as a musician, HB really helped him catch up and grow as a musician.

Sylvan was invited to join HB's gospel choir gaining a lot of knowledge from the Choir members, and learned much from the experience performing everywhere from small hot sweaty churches in south LA to Walt Disney Concert Hall. We also talk about how working with the choir he has adapted some of the soulful feel in to his style of music. Make sure you stick around to the end of the episode to hear his track Champagne Overflow. Plug in your earbuds, this is how Sylvan De La Cruz Lives Uncontained!

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