Revisited Episode 13: Big D Don black - Lucky 13

Ep. 13

Join the conversation as we revisit episode 13 of Uncontained. The original episode first aired on May 10, 2016 then with Program Director and on air personality at Lansing Michigan's WQHH Power 96.5, Big D Don Black. Don started doing radio when he was 16 years old. He has worked as an on air personality in just about every radio format besides country. With years of experience, Don has some great advice for both aspiring DJ's and musicians trying to get their music on the radio. Listen in as we share some stories and do our best to fix racism in America; or at least we have an open discussion about it.

Don is currently on Jammin 98.3 in Milwaukee Wisconsin working the air from Noon - 2pm M-F and Saturdays 2pm - 7pm. The reason I re-released this episode is because eventhough it was released over 4 years ago it is still reverent today with an election approaching and racial tensions high with the civil rights movement spreading across the country. Please take a listen to this episode there are a lot of entertaining radio stories along with some good conversation about race, and in my opinion that is what is needed. Honest open conversation. plug in your earbuds this is how Big D Don Black Lives Uncontained!...At least 4 years ago.

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