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CALPEP Turns to Social Media to Help Clients Get Vaccinated

Season 1, Ep. 1

In our first episode, we meet Oakland California based, CALPEP, a grass-roots HIV community organization serving the area's most marginalized populations. During the COVID pandemic, they turned their in-person counseling into social technology-based outreach and care. We also talk with partners of the Alliance for Advancing Health Online, a new initiative to advance public understanding of how social media and behavioral sciences can be leveraged to improve the health of communities around the world.

Hosted by Ben Plumley, of A Shot In The Arm Podcast, the panelists are; 

  • Professor Heidi Larson, Founding Director of Vaccine Confidence Project, AAHO partner,  and author of the recently published book “Stuck: How Vaccine Rumors Start and Why They Don’t Go Away.”
  • Jennifer Siler, Vice President of Global Community Engagement at Sabin Vaccine Institute, AAHO partner. 
  • Dr. George Woods, practicing neuropsychiatrist, CALPEP Board Member and Governing Board Member of Stanford Medicine & Sutter Health Collaborative Cancer Care Consortium.

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