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Interview with Tim Coates – Oxbury Bank - The Savings Guru Podcast

Season 1, Ep. 10

In the tenth episode of the Savings Guru Podcast, James talks to Tim Coates, Chief Customer Officer and Co-founder of Oxbury Bank, about Oxbury’s history, their plans for the future, and using savings to mitigate climate change.

00:00 The origins of Oxbury Bank

03:57 Tim’s background as a farmer and a regulator

09:30 The early feedback from Oxbury’s customers

12:25 Oxbury’s plans to expand their savings accounts

14:02 Oxbury’s other plans for the future, including the Oxbury Forest Saver

22:08 Is there room in the market for more new banks?

22:59 Will the growth in new banks continue?

26:04 What changes will we see in the market in the coming years?

32:09 What would Tim do if he were Chancellor of the Exchequer for a day?

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