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Interview with Clare Framrose – Atom Bank - The Savings Guru Podcast

Season 1, Ep. 13

Show Notes

In the thirteenth episode of the Savings Guru Podcast, James talks to Clare Framrose, Head of Proposition Design and Savings at Atom Bank, about learning from customer feedback, bringing on as a strategic advisor, and the impact of new entrants on the savings market.

00:00 Clare’s background

01:38 How to keep a customer focused ethos while growing?

02:59 Choosing as a strategic advisor.

06:09 How has Atom gained trust from savers?

08:17 How Atom responds to customer feedback.

13:20 What has contributed to Atom’s growth?

15:50 What are Atom’s plans for the next few years?

18:36 How do new entrants impact on savings marketplaces?

28:19 What changes will we see in the market in the coming years?

30:24 What would Clare do if she were Chancellor of the Exchequer for a day?

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