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Interview with Keith Barber – Family Building Society - The Savings Guru Podcast

Season 1, Ep. 6

Show Notes

In the sixth episode of the Savings Guru Podcast, James talks to Keith Barber, Director of Business Development at the Family Building Society, about Family’s lead products, the challenges of working remotely and the strategies needed when you don’t have a branch network.

00:00 The origins of the Family Building Society

03:25 Some stats on the size of the Society.

06:01 The thinking behind the Windfall Bond

11:20 How the Market Tracker Saver works

16:26 Is appearing in Best Buy tables a strategy for Family?

18:30 What challenges do new entrants into the savings market pose?

21:39 What new products or innovations are Family working on?

23:19 The challenges of remote working.

25:05 What would Keith do if he were Chancellor of the Exchequer for a day?

30:04 What changes are likely in the market over the next few years?

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