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Interview with Ewan Edwards - Aldermore - The Savings Guru Podcast

Season 1, Ep. 7

Show Notes

In the seventh episode of the Savings Guru Podcast, James talks to Commercial Director at Aldermore, about Aldermore’s history, the effect of COVID on the savings market, and the imminent changes to NS&I’s rates.

00:00 The origins of Aldermore

04:28 How big can Aldermore grow?

07:26 The importance of acting on customer feedback

10:13 Why Aldermore outsourced the operational management of personal savings

16:07 Aldermore’s plans for the future

22:06 What challenges do new entrants into the savings market pose?

25:50 What changes are likely in the market over the next few years?

30:50 What impact will the cuts to the NS&I rate have?

35:01 What would Ewan do if he were Chancellor of the Exchequer for a day? 

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