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Interview with Cem Eyi, Co-Founder of Beanstalk app - The Savings Guru Podcast #5

Season 1, Ep. 5

Show Notes

In the fifth episode of the Savings Guru Podcast, James talks to Cem Eyi, Co-Founder of KidStart and the Beanstalk app, about the children’s savings market; cash funds versus savings accounts; and the younger generation’s approach to saving or investing.

00:30 Cem’s background and the origins of Beanstalk

01:12 Why focus on children’s savings and how Beanstalk works?

03:04 Why is there no requirement for regular deposits?

04:09 Cash funds versus a cash savings account

05:55 How has COVID impacted Beanstalk’s launch?

08:39 How do older relatives cope with the app?

12:30 Will more child-focused savings apps enter the market?

14:22 Will banks get involved in this area?

15:22 What are the future plans for Beanstalk?

16:18 The choice between investing and cash savings.

18:43 What would Cem do if he were Chancellor of the Exchequer for a day?

23:04 What changes are likely in the market over the next few years?

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