San Francisco Real Estate: Escrow Out Loud


Real Estate Racism in 2021 with Nate Johnson

Season 5, Ep. 110

Almost a year ago another broker, my dear friend and fellow David-in-an-industry-of-Goliath’s, Kevin Birmingham, made an off-handed comment he knew I wouldn’t be able to let go about a proposition our state trade group promoted in the 1960s. Today’s episode wraps up the three-part series that grew out of that 2020 conversation. A quick review if you are just joining us:

In episode 108 my friend and retired real estate broker Don Saunders helped us understand the fair housing massacre of the 1963 Rumford Act by 1964’s state ballot initiative known as Proposition 14 that was sponsored, written, and supported by my state trade association now known as the California Association of Realtors. The outcome of that November 1964 election truly changed the course of American history in ways that impact us to this day. 

Episode 109 begins with a powerful statement from the 2021 President of the California Association of Realtors, Dave Walsh. One community activist and four Realtors then discuss the progress, setbacks, and impacts of racism in the bay area. It’s a lively roundtable that tells a more complete story than you’ve likely heard or told yourself about housing racism in the bay area. Yes, even in tree-hugging progressive San Francisco we have a deep history of housing racism.

That ends our recap, and brings us to our final podcast in this series. 

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