San Francisco Real Estate: Escrow Out Loud


Doing Business In The Castro

Season 6, Ep. 119

In this episode our guest is San Francisco local business owner, past member of The Castro Merchant Association and current board president of The Castro Street Fair. Meet Jenn Meyer, owner of Local Take, a one-of-kind amazing hand-crafted local artist-maker gallery/gift store. She talks to Matt about owning a business in The Castro, her role supporting the upcoming Castro Street Fair and Why Her One Perfect Bite Has Nacho Cheese It.

  • What is Local Take, and what do they sell?
  • Jenn's Favorite Neighborhood?
  • What is Castro Street Fair?
  • Who Shops Local Take?
  • What Do Tourists Miss in San Francisco?
  • Differences between Castro and Inner Sunset?
  • Opinion on the Formula Retail?
  • When is Castro Street Fair?

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