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Earthquake Vulnerabilities and Preparing for the Big One

Season 5, Ep. 114

In this episode we are joined by Chief Mitigation Officer for the California Earthquake Authority, Janiele Maffei. She was hired as C.E.A.'s first Chief Mitigation Officer in May 2011, and became their director of research in 2015. Currently her responsibilities include managing the California Residential Mitigation Program and that program's first retrofit incentive program, known as the Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program. On top of all that, she's also responsible for various research projects that will benefit us all through strategic insurance, mitigation, and education goals of the California Earthquake Authority. In our conversation with Janiele, we talk about a lot of topics, including all of the following:

  • How to manage Earthquake Safety and Earthquake Insurance in San Francisco?
  • What Kind of Houses are Most Vulnerable to Earthquakes in Bay Area?
  • Which are the Top Five Vulnerabilities in Houses?
  • What are Cripple Walls in Buildings?
  • What are Vulnerabilities of Hillside Houses?
  • What Construction Work Should be Done to Make Homes Safer from Earthquakes?
  • How to Retrofit Homes to be Safer in the Future?
  • What and How to Plan for an Earthquake?

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