Happy Face Podcast


EN_4_Is Gratitude the New Bitcoin?

Season 1, Ep. 4

What if gratitude is the new bitcoin? What if humans are wired to focus on darkness? And what if You are watering weeds instead of flowers?

This podcast is not about woohoo style gratitude where you feel into all the amazing things that you happen to have even though things are really terrible. This podcast is not about toxic positivity and denying real feelings either. Although writing down positive aspects of life has proven to be effective in daily journaling, we have better for you. Choosing to be grateful is changing the way your own heart beats and is changing the way you breathe. And this is not a weak sauce. Let's sauce it up with neuroimaging data, inflammatory markers, short term and long term effects and psychology-backed-up research and learn the most effective gratitude practice out there.

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