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How To Heal Addiction And Help Our Homeless With Beth Ennis - A Success Story

Ep. 13

This episode features an inspiring real-life story of a woman who has turned her life challenges into opportunities to make lives better! 

Beth Ennis survived child abuse, addiction, and homelessness, and today, she is “paying it forward” by helping people without homes find their way to a better life through providing medical care and support. She shares her heart and soul with us, with her inspiring story and tips for making not only our lives better but helping those around us.  

In this episode of Everyday Awesome, we chat with Beth, an amazing woman, medical professional helping the homeless, community member, friend, mother, and an all-around beautiful soul in this World.  Beth is a Physician Associate and holds a Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant Studies. She’s been working in healthcare for the past 11 years and currently works for a nonprofit in California providing medical care to the homeless. 

Beth’s traumatic childhood led her to coping with drugs and alcohol, even leading her to time in jail. Throughout this episode Beth is admirably vulnerable about what led to her drug addiction, what addiction feels like, what she was arrested for, her recovery experience, and so much more. Beth is now 26 years sober, has gone back to school, and continues to create a life she is proud of and loves.

Tune in to Episode 13 to learn about Beth’s drug addiction and her inspiring story of recovering and pursuing her purpose!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you overcome addiction? (9:35)
  • What led to you quitting? (17:48)
  • Can you explain what DEA stands for? (26:50)
  • How do we help people who are homeless and what can we do to reduce homelessness? (35:05)
  • What inspires you and lights you up? (47:28)

In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • About Beth’s environment that led to her use drugs (6:43)
  • How Beth became a mother to three children (13:56)
  • Beth’s description of what addiction feels like (16:54)
  • About Beth’s work aiming to help the homeless (30:24)
  • How Beth discovered her purpose (40:30)
  • Three things that Beth does each day (49:44)

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