Death By Design


Michael Fratkin, MD, ResoultionCare

Season 3, Ep. 27

Dr. Fratkin is determined to change how serious ill individuals are facing end of life.  He is dedicated to the well being of the individuals in his care.  Dr. Fratkin begin serving his community in primary care through a community clinic system, he also served as a medical director of a local hospice, and as a leader within his local hospital system began to redesign the end of life experience for seriously ill patients.

At a time of great demographic and cultural change in our society, Dr. Fratkin has created ResoultionCare to insure high quality, innovative and soulful care of everyone, everywhere as they approach end of life.

ResolutionCare leverages partnerships with existing healthcare providers and payers to provide telehealth applications that enhance greater quality of living, which provides a grater quality of dying.  This revolutionary approach to delivering Palliative Care to all communities is built around patient inclusion with a highly qualified Palliative Care Team. ResolutionCare’s team openly shares expertise and mentors individuals so they can receive the care they need where they live and, most importantly, on their own terms.

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Eileen Robertson Hamra

Season 3, Ep. 40
Eileen Robertson Hamra is the woman you meet—at the gym, in the coffee shop, or dropping off the kids at school—with a story that draws you in the minute she begins to tell it. At age forty-one, after losing her husband in a plane crash, she became a single mother to three children aged eight, seven and four. Overnight, the man she thought she would spend eternity with, the literal pilot of her family’s wonderful life, was gone. When everything seemed broken, the future she dreamed about now impossible, Eileen had to make choices she never imagined making.What she did choose to do was peel herself out of bed those first few weeks of mourning, and with constant love and support from family and friends, she found a well of inner strength and she dipped down into it. Working through her own grief and the grief of her children, Eileen experienced a gradual spiritual awakening. The result? On the other side of tragedy, she found new love, gave birth to a miracle child, and rediscovered her calling: to build stronger, loving and ever evolving families.Eileen believes we don’t always get to choose what happens to us, but we do get to choose the story we tell when asked, “What happened?”With the intention of helping others tap into their inner resilience and reimagine adversity as an opportunity for growth, Eileen shares her story of loss and rebuilding in her memoir, Time to Fly. Because of her story—thanks to her story—Eileen has dedicated her life’s work to carrying on the legacy of the family she grew up with, the family she created with Brian and the family she continues to grow with Mike.Eileen holds transformational retreats in Chicago, Los Cabos and elsewhere. As a public speaker, certified yogi, holistic nutritionist, and life coach with an MBA, Eileen brings a practical, holistic and humanistic approach to everything she does. From creative advising to impact investing, to building strength emotionally or physically, Eileen holds space to stay focused on what she believes matters most—family, friends, and community.