Death By Design


Andrea Lantz, MSW

Season 4, Ep. 34

Andrea is an LCSW with a unique skill set after years working in the field of palliative care and community education. She graduated from Indiana University and received her Master of Social Work from the University of Southern Indiana. She quickly learned grief is beyond death, but rather any form of loss.  Her business, Tree of Life Counseling, LLC, has expanded upon the concept of traditional care and service. It embraces supporting people coping with or preparing for the ever-changing seasons of life, regardless of age or health condition, to start conversations and healing before it's too late. Services offered include mental health therapy, educational presentations, and advance care planning.  Her non-profit, What Matters Most? Evansville, Inc. strives to be a ripple in the water through conversations at the crossroads of grief and inspiration with the goal of creating a community where you can live well and die well, because you can grieve well, all the losses. This is done through, but not limited to, it’s podcast, River’s Fog, setting up lemonade stand gatherings, and encouraging others to write in to their “Share Your Grief Story, Anonymously” Project.

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