Death By Design

Death by Design

Kimberly C. Paul wants to radically change the way people face end of life, and she’s using her extensive experience as a storyteller to do just that. From the set of Saturday Night Live in New York City, to casting for

The Death Deck

Season 3, Ep. 21
THE DEATH DECKThe Death Deck offers upthought-provoking questions with a large dose of humor to help take the taboo out of the topic of death. Unique among card decks and conversation tools, this witty game encourages players to share their thoughtsand stories and gets people talking about personal preferences on life’s ultimate decisions in a non-threatening and surprisingly fun way.ABOUT THE CREATORSLori LoCicero is a freelance writer and the co-creator ofThe Death Deck. A creative storyteller and eternal optimist, Lori combines her personal stories of loss with her innate sense of humor to write about life and talk about death. She has written and directed independent films, documentaries, and a variety of live gala events. Her upcoming memoir offers readers an intimate look at loss and her discovery of posttraumatic growth and was the catalyst for the creation ofThe Death Deck: a lively and humorous card game that inspires meaningful conversations on what matters most in our lives and in our deaths.Lisa Pahl is a Hospice Social Worker, ER Crisis Interventionist, and co-creator ofThe Death Deck. Lisa’s goal is to help people cope with illness, dying, and grief. With a passionate belief that peace at the end begins with meaningful conversations over time, she engages people in talking about and preparing for this difficult stage of life. Embracing a challenging but equally rewarding career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both the trenches of ER and within her true passion working in hospice, Lisa has witnessed hundreds of deaths which have taught her innumerable lessons about truly appreciating life.SOCIAL MEDIA INFOInstagram & Twitter:@thedeathdeckFacebook: