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PartnerPlus Media & Death by Design Collaboration

Season 3, Ep. 35
It is with great excitement that we announce that Death by Design is partnering with PartnerPlus Media to enhance hospice educational materials in local communities. PartnerPlus Media and Death by Design share similar passions when it comes to supporting hospice organizations through thoughtful educational resources to comfort families and patients facing a life-limiting illness. Together, we can enhance end-of-life education by sharing a common goal—supporting patients and families. The greatest part about this unique collaboration is that it is done at NO COST to hospice organizations.PartnerPlus MediaPartnerPlus Media supplies print and digital marketing solutions to thousands of businesses and non-profit organizations in the United States, Canada, and the UK. For over 20 years, they have worked with clients from world-renowned brands. PartnerPlus Media is passionate about working with those who make a difference in the lives of hospice patients. The innovative vision of PartnerPlus Media has helped develop a unique resource guide for hospices to utilize within their local community. The organization is a member of the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization as well and maintains close relationships with leading hospices in the United States. In this time of uncertainty, PartnerPlus Media is committed to expanding the knowledge of end-of-life services at no charge to the hospice agencies locally supporting families and patients every day.www.partnerplusmedia.comDeath by DesignMany of you may know me, but for the newbies, I’m Kimberly C. Paul. I have worked in the end-of-life field for 20 years. I initially worked in television and film but when I lost my boyfriend to cancer, my world imploded. It changed my direction by creating a path into a very dark tunnel called grief. With my creative background, I wanted to give back to hospices. What was initially a temporary career,became a lifelong passion.Through my Ted Talk, Podcast (Death by Design), and book (Bridging the Gap), I’m hoping to expand awareness about hospice services on a local, community, medical andpersonal level. I’m thrilled to collaborate with PartnerPlus Media to introduce new and innovative ways to enhance brand, language, and educational tools as well as build a new community relationship that ultimately supports local hospices in their area. Combining my talent for creative marketing and my passion to serve those facing a life-limiting illness is my commitment. Together, we can radically change how individuals face the end of their lives.www.deathbydesign.comThe benefits of working with Death by Design and PartnerPlus Media are:·Over 20 years of creative hospice marketing experience exceeding census and referral goals.·Working with a world-renowned creative design team to enhance your hospice brand·Increasing your outreach efforts by expanding community relationships and growing potential fundraising opportunities.·Working with a team specializing in the supply of innovative, no-cost marketing solutions.·Providing in-home resources for families on how to provide a safe environment when caring for a loved one with a serious illness (fall prevention tips).·Providing a central location for all hospice contact numbers for families to prevent unnecessary 911 calls / ER visits.·Creating an effective “leave behind” for families not ready to accept the hospice philosophy upon initial referral as a community educational tool for families.·Deliver essential information to patients and families, including carbonated / perforated forms such as admission paperwork, advance directives, supply lists, donations, etc.We, Kimberly C. Paul and PartnerPlus Media, look forward to supporting your hospice and growing the community message and resources for those facing life-limiting illnesses.

Fawn Cheng & Michael Heller

Season 3, Ep. 33
Introducing, One Last ThingOne Last Thing is a video experience accompanied by a digital lifebook; a place for everything you need to share the story about your life and plan for death. One Last Thing takes the guesswork out of how to get started. We guide you and provide thought-starters, so it feels natural to share memories, tell your story, and express what matters most.One Last Thing makes a tough thing easier. We cover the tactical aspects such as your:medical and healthcare directivesestate and financesdigital lifememorialpersonal belongings...and then we get to the good stuff,the lessons you've learned, your secrets to a good life, and so much more. We even guide and support you as you write letters that will be sent after you're gone, a treasure that will stay with your loved ones.One Last Thing is your story of living and dying well. The end result is a cover to cover, comprehensive lifebook that’s uniquely about you.Early backers will get access to our private online community for live Q&A's, interviews, webinars, and additional content.Fawn:As a hospice volunteer, an end-of-life Doula, and now an educator, I understand the complexities of dying and the difficulties loved ones face when managing their affairs after their loved one has passed on. There’s so much that’s missing currently in the way that we die.Michael: As a storyteller and visual arts creator, the thing I keep returning to is that I want my life to mean something. Something I can pass on that will be of use to those that come after me. When we share our stories, truths, perspectives with others, that's how we pass down our values and traditions.Join the Kickstarter... is no greater gift to those we love and ourselves, then to have a chance to share that.

Dr. D. Antonio Cantu, Associate Dean & Director

Season 3, Ep. 31
Dr. D. Antonio Cantù and his wife Sandy have three children, Derek, Dylan, and Deanna.Dr. D. Antonio Cantù is Associate Dean and Director of the Department of Education, Counseling, and Leadership at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. Dr. Cantù received his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Southern Illinois University, Ed.S. in Community College Education, M.A. in History, and B.S. in Social Science Education from Arkansas State University.He has also attended educational leadership institutes at the College of William & Mary and Yale University.Prior to his appointment as Chair of the Department of Teacher Education at Bradley University, he served as Professor and Dean of Education at Indiana University Kokomo, Professor of History and Director of Social Studies Education, as well as editor of the International Journal of Social Education, at Ball State University, and Social Studies Department Chair and Teacher at Ste. Genevieve (MO) High School.Prior to beginning his teaching career, Professor Cantù also served as a Military Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Army.With nearly 30 years of experience in professional education,from high school through the graduate level, Professor Cantù’s articles have appeared in such publications as the Organization of American Historians’Magazine of History, American Historical AssociationPerspectives,National Council for History EducationHistory Matters, and theJournal of the Association for History and Computing.He is also the author of a number of books and curriculum monographs:Presidential Elections: 1789-1996, Early Education in Arkansas Delta, An Investigation of the Relationship Between Social Studies Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices, The Vietnam War: A National Dilemma, andTake Five Minutes: Reflective and Critical Thinking American History Class Openers.In addition, Dr. Cantù’s most recent book publications include the following:The Art and Science of Elementary Social Studies Education, 2nd Edition (2015),ILTS: Test for Academic Proficiency(2013),History/Social Studies Education in the Digital and Standards-Based Classroom(2012), Technology Applications for the Digital Classroom(2011), The Art and Science of Elementary Social Studies Education(2010),History Education 101: The Past, Present, and Future of Teacher Preparation(2008),andTeaching History in the Digital Classroom(2003). He has also served as a curriculum writer for various national organizations including The History Channel,The Wall Street Journal Classroom Editionand PBS Frontline, and as editor ofThe International Journal of Social Education.Dr. Cantù has also served in a variety of leadership positions in professional organizations, including service as President of the American Association for History and Computing, President of the Indiana Council for the Social Studies and Missouri Council for the Social Studies, and Chair of three National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Committees.In addition, he currently serves on a number of national governing boards and editorial boards; including as a member of the Governing Board of the National Social Science Association (NSSA), and House of Delegates for the National Council for the Social Studies.At the state level, Professor Cantu currently serves as a member of the Illinois State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board for the Illinois State Board of Education; Past-President of the Illinois Association for Teacher Education in Private Colleges (IATEPC); Communications Director for the Illinois Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (IACTE); and Executive Director of the Illinois Council for the Social Studies (ICSS).Ted Talk: Memento Mori: the personification of Death

Paul King, The Death Diaries

Season 3, Ep. 29
Paul King:The day that my dad died is indelibly etched in my mindspace.I can’t unsee the staples and indenton his head left behind from a piece of removed skull to make way for the tumor that would take his life.I can’t unhear the sounds of my mom’s desperate voice when she discovered he had diedwhile she was sitting in the room.I can’t unpack how a man can be playing nine holes of golf and splitting wood one day to speaking gibberish on the next.I can’t understand how a 59yo man isn’t alive to see my or my sister’s wedding, future children, and kickass career.I can’t undo the agonizing pain of withholding the truth of my experience.My dad had died. And when he did... it blew the lid off my happy family.My life was permanently, andirreversibly changed.I have been intimate with death.<LONG PAUSE>Everyone and everything on this planet will face the same fate. Stories make it easier. These are those.This is The Death Diaries. I am your host, Paul King.On this podcast, I’m welcoming conversations about death.Together, we’ll seek the deeper meaning of Life (and her wicked-but-misunderstood stepmother, Death.)Through self exploration, soul searching, and honest talk, I hope to normalize death.This way, it won’t be sobig and so scary when it happens to you.TRANSITIONThis is “D-Squared.” The episode where we square up with death, and don’t back down.If you love this episode as much as I do, head over to iTunes, stitcher or wherever you listen and subscribe.MAINDear Diary, Why are we here? If we’re born to die….. what’s the point?From the moment of birth you are on a slow and steady march towards dying.It seems to me like we’re in denial about what it’s going to be like to get intimate with death. Big time. No one wants to talk about it. We pretend it’s not even a thing, Not yet, anyway. Not for a good long while. At least I hope, rIght?That seems like a pretty upside down way of thinking about something not a single living thing on this planet can escape.It’s almost like we think that just talking about it will bring down the hammer.Add in the feelings of isolation, shame, guilt, and denial, the stigma….. It’s really bringing us down. You know, as a people.To be ready for anything, it behooves humanity to be a lot more open to understanding death.I mean, what really does happen when you expire as a person….. or as a dog? What is the natural process, Diary? I just can’t wrap my head around it.How do we talk to the kids, what’s considered “normal” in grieving, and what the hell do I do next?I’m tired of feeling uncomfortable, that butterflies in the tummy feeling that means HIGH ANXIETY. (Yeah, yeah, THAT feeling. You know what I'm talking about.)I’m sick of the topic being so taboo. It's one humongous elephant in the room.Diary, today I am taking my life back.I’m making a commitment to stop avoiding the topic.We’re having the tough talk. AndWe’re putting it all on the table.Just listen.TRANSITIONAll I wanna know is, are you in? I double dog dare you stop ignoring the big, scary topic of death and be ready to face it like the resourceful, brave, and authentic human you are.Let’s get it out there.Are you afraid to die? Fear that someone that you love is going to die?We're going to talk about planning for death and really taking control of how you personally will die. What happens physically during the death? And what happens afterwards?The Death Diaries Podcast is going to explore different philosophies and talk to people from all walks of life, different backgrounds. What is their story?Reincarnation, heaven versus hell, and multiple philosophies around this and that. We’re going to talk about after death rituals and ceremonies, the celebrations of life, and burials.Let’s go deep on how to talk about death, with adults and kids.While we’re at it, let’s dissect the whole grieving process. There are a ton of feelings that come with it, the isolation, feeling ashamed, the lack of knowledge…..and a lot of that leads to denial.And just what does it mean to live a fruitful, fulfilled life? we're born to die so what are we doing every day to live this fulfilled life that truly makes all of us happy?We'll talk about dying in the digital age and social media. We're going to talk about all that stuff.So if you (or someone you know) has an experience or a story you'd like to share, head on over to and let us know. We'd love to have you on the show.Again, it's has been the first episode of The Death Diaries Podcast with your host Paul King.Subscribe on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts to be notified of future episodes. Let’s talk about death, are you in?

Meaningful Training

Season 3, Ep. 28
Meaningful Trainings is the visionary creation of Blair Jennings and Fell Cadwallader. In partnership for more than a quarter century, Blair and Fell weave a story that includes threads from the mundane to the wondrous, the sublime to the grand. A story not very different from many others, this dynamic distillation of history and experience serves as the basis for each unique and effective learning engagement designed by Meaningful Trainings.That which makes us whole -- our commonalities and differences, individually and collectively -- represents the very heart of all Meaningful Trainings services. We believe the power of our story applies in any setting: that is how accumulated experience, perspective and knowledge are put to work within ourselves and with others.W. Blair Jennings, Wells College 1986, B.A. EnglishBlair has engaged in a variety of occupations and endeavors that read less like a resume and more like a mystery in that she admittedly wonders"what next?" and/or "why?".A seeker at heart, Blair has taken the opportunities presented and crafted them into her life's work: Meaningful Trainings.Blair's professional arc encompasses roles as diverse as medical news producer, Montessori educator and YMCA Executive Director. In the spaces between she's been a spouse, mother, daughter, friend, writer and community advocate. Blair is enthused with an energy and creativity that ignites the motivation, creativity, seeking and practicality each Meaningful Training engagement.Fell Cadwallader, Johnson & Wales University 1985, A.A. Culinary ScienceEmerging from the stainless steel classroom of the culinary arts profession, Fell followed a simple rule:be willing to learn.It continues to guide him in his personal and professional endeavors. Fell has always sought out a teacher who has mastered the talent he has wished to improve. Rather than believe that completion of one's training means he is ready to lead, Fell has always placed "ready to learn" first.Over thirty years, Fell has followed a path stretching from Rhode Island to California and back again, choosing to work among those whose drive and imagination create environments that facilitate growth -- in the individual and the institution. His non-traditional path has imbued Fell's learning and experience with perspectives, lessons and stories that now infuse his training and coaching relationships with the sought after spark many seek and hope to bring to their own endeavors.