Death By Design


Jonathan Roberts

Season 4, Ep. 36

Jonathan is obsessed with helping others improve positive and decrease negative habits to live more fulfilling lives.  As the co-founder of Evolve United, he’s fueled by spreading that positive impact.  How?  By presenting the multifamily industry with a tool that provides added value to residents, while simultaneously building the #1 place for wellness professionals to work in the US.  He started young, getting his NSCA-CPT at 19, and went on to get his CSCS before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. The goal of becoming an NBS strength coach was no longer fulfilling when he realized he had the opportunity to make an impact on a national scale.  His top priority is to make every members of Evolve United feel as valued as possible. By pouring into the lives of our wellness professionals, they can pour into the lives of those that they touch.  His mantra is to be the change that you wish to see in the world and Evolve United is an extension of that mission to both our partners and team members.

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