Death By Design


Meaningful Training

Season 3, Ep. 28

Meaningful Trainings is the visionary creation of Blair Jennings and Fell Cadwallader. In partnership for more than a quarter century, Blair and Fell weave a story that includes threads from the mundane to the wondrous, the sublime to the grand. A story not very different from many others, this dynamic distillation of history and experience serves as the basis for each unique and effective learning engagement designed by Meaningful Trainings.

That which makes us whole -- our commonalities and differences, individually and collectively -- represents the very heart of all Meaningful Trainings services. We believe the power of our story applies in any setting: that is how accumulated experience, perspective and knowledge are put to work within ourselves and with others.

W. Blair Jennings, Wells College 1986, B.A. English

Blair has engaged in a variety of occupations and endeavors that read less like a resume and more like a mystery in that she admittedly wonders "what next?" and/or "why?". A seeker at heart, Blair has taken the opportunities presented and crafted them into her life's work: Meaningful Trainings.

Blair's professional arc encompasses roles as diverse as medical news producer, Montessori educator and YMCA Executive Director. In the spaces between she's been a spouse, mother, daughter, friend, writer and community advocate. Blair is enthused with an energy and creativity that ignites the motivation, creativity, seeking and practicality each Meaningful Training engagement.

Fell Cadwallader, Johnson & Wales University 1985, A.A. Culinary Science

Emerging from the stainless steel classroom of the culinary arts profession, Fell followed a simple rule:  

be willing to learn.

It continues to guide him in his personal and professional endeavors. Fell has always sought out a teacher who has mastered the talent he has wished to improve. Rather than believe that completion of one's training means he is ready to lead, Fell has always placed "ready to learn" first.

Over thirty years, Fell has followed a path stretching from Rhode Island to California and back again, choosing to work among those whose drive and imagination create environments that facilitate growth -- in the individual and the institution. His non-traditional path has imbued Fell's learning and experience with perspectives, lessons and stories that now infuse his training and coaching relationships with the sought after spark many seek and hope to bring to their own endeavors.

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