Death By Design


Jeremy Burrill, Fiddlehead Casket Company

Season 3, Ep. 30

Master Craftsman Jeremy Burrill has been creating functional art for two decades, ranging from custom dining tables to electric guitars. Spurred by the need for an environmentally friendly, economical and dignified option for families to honour their loved ones, Burrill is now creating simple yet refined pine-box caskets.

Hand-crafted from local New Brunswick pine, his creations are elegantly laying down those to rest who prefer the simple things in life. With ever growing costs and complications in the funeral process, Fiddlehead Casket Company seeks to reduce stress, both financially and emotionally, offering an environmentally friendly pine casket. Even the cherry dowels used for joinery are handmade, and a refined casket is born at the hands of Burrill.


You can reach Jeremy any time at

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Fawn Cheng & Michael Heller

Season 3, Ep. 33
Introducing, One Last ThingOne Last Thing is a video experience accompanied by a digital lifebook; a place for everything you need to share the story about your life and plan for death. One Last Thing takes the guesswork out of how to get started. We guide you and provide thought-starters, so it feels natural to share memories, tell your story, and express what matters most.One Last Thing makes a tough thing easier. We cover the tactical aspects such as your:medical and healthcare directivesestate and financesdigital lifememorialpersonal belongings...and then we get to the good stuff,the lessons you've learned, your secrets to a good life, and so much more. We even guide and support you as you write letters that will be sent after you're gone, a treasure that will stay with your loved ones.One Last Thing is your story of living and dying well. The end result is a cover to cover, comprehensive lifebook that’s uniquely about you.Early backers will get access to our private online community for live Q&A's, interviews, webinars, and additional content.Fawn:As a hospice volunteer, an end-of-life Doula, and now an educator, I understand the complexities of dying and the difficulties loved ones face when managing their affairs after their loved one has passed on. There’s so much that’s missing currently in the way that we die.Michael: As a storyteller and visual arts creator, the thing I keep returning to is that I want my life to mean something. Something I can pass on that will be of use to those that come after me. When we share our stories, truths, perspectives with others, that's how we pass down our values and traditions.Join the Kickstarter... is no greater gift to those we love and ourselves, then to have a chance to share that.