Death By Design


Garrick Colwell

Season 3, Ep. 43

It was April of 2017 when Garrick and the late Kinsloe Kelley Colwell, LMFT, invited over 20 Austin area healthcare professionals to meet and discuss ways in which they could assist the Central Texas community in becoming aware of the importance of completing their advance care directives. 

Over the next few months, the group met and decided to offer educational programs and resources through a non-profit organization they would call Kitchen Table Conversations. They felt the name of the organization would encourage people to have the end of life conversations in the comfort of their homes instead of during a medical crisis in the ICU. 

July 1, 2017, this web site was launched. The first workshop was offered the following month. In October, AARP of Central Texas began sponsoring The 3 Ds of Advance Care Planning: How to Decide, Discuss, and Document Your End of Life Wishes workshops. 

In 2020 AARP will sponsor four such webinars that will reach thousands of Central Texans.

These workshops are facilitated by Garrick Colwell, President, and CEO of Kitchen Table Conversations. Garrick has been a Hospice Volunteer since 1987, serving as an on-call hospital and hospice chaplain. He is a Respecting Choices® Person-Centered Care 

First Steps® Advance Care Planning Certified Instructor and Facilitator. 

As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, he co-created with Hospice Austin Conversations On Grief, a monthly online grief support program. As a volunteer, he co-facilitates drop-in and loss of spouse grief support groups.

Garrick has completed over 200 hours of study with a grief expert David Kessler at David is the author of five bestselling books on grief. His first book, The Needs of the Dying, is a #1 best-selling hospice book praised by Mother Teresa. He co-authored with the 

legendary Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, MD, both On Grief and Grieving and Life Lessons. David's most recent book Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief, was published in November 2019.

Recently, Garrick completed 240 hours of training with the author, educator, and griefcounselor Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D., CT, and holds a Death and Grief Studies certificate from the internationally recognized Center for Loss and Life Transition, a private an organization founded by Dr. Wolfelt that is dedicated to furthering our understanding of grief. 

In 2020 Kitchen Table Conversations began offering their Grief Education webinar series. Topics, dates, and times can be found on our Home Page; click on Grief Education.

Garrick can be reached at 512-787-3402 or  


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Hope Edelman, Author

Season 3, Ep. 42
HOPE EDELMANhas been writing, speaking, and leading workshops and retreats in the bereavement field for more than 25 years. She was 17 when she lost her mother to breast cancer and 40 when her father died, events that inspired her to offer grief education and support to those who cannot otherwise receive it.Her first book,Motherless Daughters, was a #1New York Timesbestseller and appeared on multiple bestseller lists worldwide. Her work has been translated into 14 languages and published in 11 countries. Hope is the author of seven additional nonfiction books, includingMotherless Mothersand the memoirThe Possibility of Everything. She was the recipient of the 2020 Community Educator Award from the Association for Death Education and Counseling and has won a Puschcart Prize for her creative nonfiction.In addition to writing and speaking, she is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and also leads nonfiction workshops to help writers tell, revisit, and revise their stories of loss. Hope lives and works in Los Angeles and Iowa City.The AfterGrief OverviewDrawing on her own encounters with the ripple effects of early loss, as well as on interviews with dozens of researchers, therapists, and regular people who’ve been bereaved,New York Timesbestselling authorHope Edelmanoffers profound advice for reassessing loss and adjusting the stories we tell ourselves about its impact on our identities.With guidance for reframing a story of loss, finding equilibrium within it, and even experiencing renewed growth and purpose in its wake, she demonstrates that though grief is a lifelong process, it doesn’t have to be alifelong struggle. don’t ever ‘get over’ the death of a loved one.But we do eventually ‘get on‘ with living in a world without this essential person by our side.It takes time to learn how to live in this new world.It takes time.”—HOPE EDELMAN

Eileen Robertson Hamra

Season 3, Ep. 40
Eileen Robertson Hamra is the woman you meet—at the gym, in the coffee shop, or dropping off the kids at school—with a story that draws you in the minute she begins to tell it. At age forty-one, after losing her husband in a plane crash, she became a single mother to three children aged eight, seven and four. Overnight, the man she thought she would spend eternity with, the literal pilot of her family’s wonderful life, was gone. When everything seemed broken, the future she dreamed about now impossible, Eileen had to make choices she never imagined making.What she did choose to do was peel herself out of bed those first few weeks of mourning, and with constant love and support from family and friends, she found a well of inner strength and she dipped down into it. Working through her own grief and the grief of her children, Eileen experienced a gradual spiritual awakening. The result? On the other side of tragedy, she found new love, gave birth to a miracle child, and rediscovered her calling: to build stronger, loving and ever evolving families.Eileen believes we don’t always get to choose what happens to us, but we do get to choose the story we tell when asked, “What happened?”With the intention of helping others tap into their inner resilience and reimagine adversity as an opportunity for growth, Eileen shares her story of loss and rebuilding in her memoir, Time to Fly. Because of her story—thanks to her story—Eileen has dedicated her life’s work to carrying on the legacy of the family she grew up with, the family she created with Brian and the family she continues to grow with Mike.Eileen holds transformational retreats in Chicago, Los Cabos and elsewhere. As a public speaker, certified yogi, holistic nutritionist, and life coach with an MBA, Eileen brings a practical, holistic and humanistic approach to everything she does. From creative advising to impact investing, to building strength emotionally or physically, Eileen holds space to stay focused on what she believes matters most—family, friends, and community.