Breakthrough Brands

  • Darren Harris, The Importance of R&D in Communicating Future Focus and Innovation

    Darren Harris is a former bakery program chair and an honors degree baker who is now enrolled in the Technological University Dublin. He is an expert in culinary arts and has a cross-disciplinary view between bakers and chefs. Darren loves the honesty of the food industry and enjoys the diverse stories behind it. He believes that the industry faces many operational challenges, so it needs to get ahead quickly to seize the big opportunities ahead.In this episode, We explore the often-overlooked importance of research and development in the food industry. Our guest, an expert in culinary and bakery operations, emphasizes the emotional involvement and passion required for successful product development. We dive into the technical side of R&D, including the growing focus on health and dietary concerns, innovation, and using local and bespoke ingredients. Additionally, we discuss the importance of proper training and communication in bridging the gap between generations in the workforce. We also explore how to view food production from a lab perspective and the role of R&D in future planning and innovation. Our experts explain the R&D tax credit regime and the potential financial benefits to companies that engage in R&D projects. Finally, we discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the food industry and how companies can benefit from grants and external help to overcome resource constraints."
  • Teresa Hand Campbell - Making the right choice

    Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Teresa Hand-Campbell, a renowned organizational psychologist, and executive coach who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry to help them achieve their goals. Teresa is a true expert in her field, with over 20 years of experience in leadership development, team building, and communication strategy. Her insights on leadership.will be very valuable to you today.
  • Beyond the Boardroom: What Top Executives Can Learn from Navy SEALs

    In this episode, we have Josh Cotton  PhD, psychologist and a best-selling author.What makes the US Navy SEALs or an elite performers? What's their secret?We're going to talk about what makes them so successful, and how you can use Josh's research. You'll learn about the daily practice that separates the great from the good and how you can incorporate it into your own life, and help you achieve more than you ever imagined possible.Josh shares some advice on how to build a winning team for your organisation. The key is finding people who are driven have strong values and work hard toward those goals.Joe Dalton
  • Paul Barnes Poet. Ireland and its mystical consciousnes

    I'm sure you've all heard about Ireland's Independence Day but if not let me tell you what it is: It's a day where everyone from all over the world celebrates the independence of Ireland on January 21st 1919!Today we're going to be talking about its significance, the history of Ireland, its connection to the land, and how it became such an important country for magickal practices in the past and today. We'll be talking about the history of Ireland and its mystical consciousness that has led to the creation of so many amazing things.
  • Interview with Lena Nasiakou

    Lena is a Learning Experience Designer, Trainer and EMCC Certified Coach. Intrigued with movement and making both participants and SME truly enjoy the workshops - she taught herself how to use embodiment for learning. In her workshops, there is a balance between lectures, peer learning and dynamic exercises which stem from dancing, theatre and mindfulness.
  • Interview with Andrea Sampson

    Andrea is a Executive Speaker’s Coach, Communication Expert and Business Strategist. Having held leadership positions with multi-national advertising agencies, advertisers and major brands, she now uses her own unique thought leadership expertise and her training as a TEDx Speakers Coach. She now provides Communication Coaching and Consulting expertise to Leaders, Experts and Changemakers.
  • Interview with Francesca Zampaglione

    Francesca Zampaglione is a Dress Code Whisperer, International Podcast Host, Confidence Coach and Keynote Speaker who clarifies the direct line between image, confidence, and career success.She works with professionals and business owners on how to communicate the importance of image in supporting the company brand.Her international podcast Office Flip Flops, features interviews with world class leaders in business, celebrities, successful authors, and TEDx presenters--all to inspire her listeners with confidence to be the best versionof themselves.If you’re looking for personal growth, positivity, confidence boosts, and insights from incredible leaders who share brilliant ways to be kind, this podcast is for you.  As a Confidence Coach, Francesca helps clients overcome the barriers that hold them back from success by managing behaviors like self-sabotage, procrastination, and negativeself-talk.In September 2022, Francesca completed training under the Imposter Syndrome Institute led by Dr. Valerie Young, the world-leading expert on the topic. Francesca is part of the first class to complete this training as anImposter Syndrome Coach Practitioner.
  • Interview with Cydney Mar

    Cydney Mar Wellness is a Naturopathic Doctor formulated product line of all-natural high potency formulations made in Canada. Cydney was a born optimist believing that life was meant to be happy, healthy and well-lived. That means making healthy choices, choices that give you the opportunity to live life to the fullest
  • Doug Brown talks Leadership

    Doug Brown, Chief Learning Officer and Head Executive Coach with Summit Success International. He is a lawyer, turned business executive, and entrepreneur. He lawyers (and other professionals) run a more effective business with more profit, less stress, and a plan for the future.