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Like most people, I've always been fascinated by the world and the stories people have to share. It always helps me to learn something new or just embrace someone else's point of view. Being curious about what they're telling us or interested in knowing or learning more about their life. Especially if it's a bit off-mainstream topic. Being truthful and having the courage and a person’s authenticity is always compelling. well at least, that's what I think!

And that's why I created "Joe Dalton Podcast, Crossing the Rubicon " where I interview people with interesting usual stories to tell.

Through thought-provoking and sensitive interviewing, Joe has drawn stories from his interviewees. These stories have empowered the listener.

Joe's guests have been diverse personalities from all walks of life who have shared their wisdom - from personal mental health issues, failure and back to success again. These stories serve to inspire and motivate the listener."

Talk Radio Achievement award 2020, Winner

Joe has an open-minded attitude., he has a wide variety of guests on his show with a vast array of different opinions from many parts of life.

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Joe Dalton

Joe Dalton helps business owners and entrepreneurs transform their approach to life and business in such a unique and powerful way. He empowers leaders and entrepreneurs to rise above the confusion and uncertainty, so they may achieve their true potential in their unique way. His career spans over 28 years and is very privileged to have worked with many dedicated and talented people across the globe. Joe is the founder of the Conscious Business Academy, Chairman of Dublin South FM. He is also a Communication Director of Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) and a TEDx speaker.