Joe Dalton

Business, Humorous, Entertaining, Inspirational, Educational

Through thought-provoking and sensitive interviewing, Joe has drawn stories from his interviewees.These stories have empowered the listener as they understand they are not alone and someone else has walked the path they

Interview with Clodagh Whelan

Clodagh's range of expertise includes both strategic and operations management in manufacturing environments, company development in SMEs, international business linkages, client management development, investment evaluation, entrepreneurship supports and regional development roles.She has strong business background with direct management experience in both SMEs and multinationals. She also has experience working with SME’s, as group facilitator on the PLATO Small Business Development Programme. Not to mention her good strategic focus, with a keen understanding of operational challenges in implementation of action plans - in Startups, SMEs and Multinationals.Clodagh practices flexible and collaborative approach with ability to communicate effectively and positively with people at all levels.Skilled in mentoring, coaching, teaching and training adult learners - design, development and delivery of learning programmes, she has proven facilitation skills for group learning events.She also has professional experience and skills in promotion, development and management of programmes, initiatives and events.Proactive, imaginative and persuasive in forging links, nurturing relationships and developing networks among organisations, companies and individuals leading to mutually beneficial results.Clodagh is also skilled in establishing and improving communication process among international colleagues and external stakeholders. Effective at building results focused teams.Strong business acumen and results driven.