The Importance of an Expanded Worldview with Tayo Rockson

Season 2, Ep. 4

Almost one year after our first conversation, I'm honored to welcome Sarah Castor to the show again. This time, to talk about Malembe Rise's next event on September 18th, 2021, which will have Tayo Rockson as its main attraction. 

In this episode, we discuss why Malembe Rise chose Tayo over hundreds of orators and the things he brings to the table others speakers don't. We also talk about the communication issues the world is experiencing, the importance of celebrating our differences and build with them, rather than separate and destroy. Sarah shares her expectations about the event and the things she believes we can accomplish through it. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Why did you decide to have an event with Tayo versus just doing something that says, please give to Malembe Rise? (1:29)
  • How do you think his presence will add to our mission's conversation? (5:45)
  • What would you say it is if you had to sum up what you want this event to accomplish? (9:10)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The things Tayo can add that no one else can (2:48)
  • Tayo's message is necessary for Indianapolis, the US, and the world (4:02)
  • The things people can expect from joining Tayo's event (7:13)
  • There is a lot of people hungry for a change around the world (12:25)


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Listen, Learn, and Lean Into the Goodness of Hemp Oil with Peter Cousineau

Season 2, Ep. 8
Although Peter Cousineau always had a strong calling for helping others and always wanted to experiment with homeopathy and medicinal plants, he needed to earn a living when he moved to Vermont 22 years ago. He postponed his original plan and used his farming and gardening knowledge to start his own farm.Still, some things are simply meant to be, and regardless of what happens in the middle, they end up happening. Peter's mother needed major surgery on her shoulder, and despite the doctor's reluctance, she decided to use hemp's CBD and tincture to deal with the pain instead of using opioids. She navigated her recovery with minimal discomfort. That was it, Peter decided to blend his farm, his desire of helping others, and the ancestral knowledge his part-Native American grandmother kept alive in the family to produce hemp derivates.Peter Cousineau is the Founder and CEO of Rēl Hemp, a company that offers quality CBD products grown on their farm. He has over 20 years of experience in the horticulture and agriculture industry, building 3 successful businesses in the process. He owns the Four Pillars Farm, which grows the Organic Hemp CBD commercialized in Rēl Hemp.In this episode, after experimenting with CBD myself to help me sleep better, which ended up having a positive impact on hot flashes, I decided to bring Peter to the show to tell us more about hemp CBD's benefits. He kindly shared his story and relationship with farming and why he decided to start producing hemp CBD. We also go through the lack of education about these products in the market and the massive amount of people that are tricked into buying products that won't help them much.Some Questions I Ask:What does CBD do? And what is the value that it can bring to the table? (6:24)Please, explain to me the different products that you have and how can they help women? (16:08)How do you think we got to this point in our lives that we're looking to a natural plant to help us get through some of these issues we're facing? (23:15)In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Peter's journey into becoming a hemp CBD producer (7:03)How hard it was for Peter to make the leap of faith and start this business (25:43)Why it is essential to educate people on CBD's benefits (32:49)The benefits of using Peter's products (33:32)Resources:Rēl Hemp websiteRēl Hemp InstagramRēl Hemp FacebookConnect with Peter:LinkedInLet's Connect!WebsiteEmail:

Discovering your Emotional intelligence with Dr. Stevie Dawn

Season 2, Ep. 7
Although many people see emotional intelligence as a soft skill, Dr. Stevie Dawn thinks the opposite; it is a hard skill for her. And she goes even further. Before anything, she stops and asks herself why her brain is pushing her in that direction? To Dr. Stevie, emotions are a byproduct of a hormonal response to a mental trigger, meaning every emotion has a thought behind it. To understand and have more control over our emotions, we need to step back a bit and look for the thought that triggered that emotion.Our guest, Dr. Stevie Dawn, is a Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Author, Corporate Trainer, and the CEO and Founder of Stevie Dawn Inspires, LLC. She helps those who have unrealized profits, un-lived aspirations, and underwhelming results. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Small Business Administration from Union University, a Master's Degree in Sociology from Wichita State University, and a Ph.D. in Community College Leadership from Colorado State University.In this episode, our conversation revolves around a different perspective of what emotional intelligence really is. We travel back in time to the moment Dr. Stevie decided to investigate more about emotional intelligence, a decision that would change her life. We learn to use our feelings to leverage our day rather than letting them put us down, and much more. We also analyze the different relationships men and women have with their emotions; we talk about our mantras, the enneagram, and much more.Some Questions I Ask:Why did you decide to actually focus on emotional intelligence? (7:09)How has studying emotional intelligence impacted your life? (10:17)What does arguing from an emotional intelligence perspective looks like? (10:48)Let's say I want to go for a promotion at my job. How do I do it without having to defend myself? (22:48)In This Episode, You Will Learn:Dr. Stevie's definition of emotional intelligence (3:47)How can we listen to people through their emotions and not ours (6:41)About the difference between how men and women deal with their emotions (15:43)How do I feel today? Take a pulse check at the beginning of the day (32:08)We are in the driving seat. The apex predator mindset to face life (35:13)Resources:Dr. Stevie Dawn websiteAlways Be The SharkMonday Morning Coffee Club podcastBook: Dr. Stevie Dawn - Networking 101: Foundation for SuccessBook: Dr. Stevie Dawn - From 0 to 6 FiguresConnect with Dr. Stevie:LinkedInInstagramTwitterFacebookLet's Connect!Website

Learning to be Bravefull with NFA-Money expert Dr. Amanda

Season 2, Ep. 6
Whether we are aware of it or not, all of us have money blocks; many women think, for instance, that making more money than their partner could cause fights with them. It could be things we picked up when we were kids, or we might think that having money will change who we are. Still, the number one money block is that money causes stress; having money is stressful. What Dr. Amanda Barrientez explains to us in today's episode is that these money blocks run the show from behind the scenes, at an unconscious level.Dr. Amanda is the Founder and CEO of No Fucking Around Money. She teaches coaches and online entrepreneurs how to heal their relationships with money, charge the fees according to their worth, work less, be happy, and make more. Dr. Amanda holds a B.A. in Psychology, a Women & Gender Studies Graduate Certificate, and a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. Amanda is also a Mindset and Business Coach and host of the Max Potential Money podcast.Dr. Amanda shares the things everyone needs to know about money, but no one is willing to say. We explore why most women don't feel comfortable talking about money and the devastating effects on our lives, relationships, and careers. She kindly shares bits of her past relationship with money, the shame she felt using food stamps to buy groceries, and the rest of the money blockers she had to deal with.Questions I Ask:How do you make people feel comfortable talking about money? (2:48)Do people actually have that fear that they'll lose their friends if they make money? (4:27)How did you go from food stamps to No Fucking Around? What was your timeframe? (10:32)When did you decide to let go of the shame? What were the steps that you took to do that? (16:16)In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about people's money blocks (3:18)The number one money block (5:23)About the power we feel when we let the shame leave our bodies (8:34)The difference between eliminating shame and fear and learning how to deal with them (19:34)The relationship between being a control freak and being afraid (27:13)Resources:NFA Money websiteMax Potential Money podcastBook: Darlene Lancer - Codependency for DummiesBook: T. Harv Eker - The Secrets of The Millionaire MindBook: Gay Hendricks - The Big LeapBook: Gay Hendricks - The Genius ZoneConnect with Dr. Amanda:LinkedIn