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39. Dr. Steve Young - When One Billion People Need YOUR Help

“If you just work with amazing people, helping a billion isn’t as crazy as it sounds.”

I first heard this guest speak at a recent event and I was hooked immediately.

Dr. Steve Young has, what many would call, a crazy goal.

In fact he calls his mission to help a BILLION people love their way to building their greatest legacy by providing the tools and systems for success his ‘moonshot’ goal.

But as you’ll hear in this episode, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Since 2001 Dr. Steve has personally healed over 7 thousand people and influenced countless more indirectly. Using functional medicine and drawing upon science-based principles, Steve helps people resolve their physical ailments so they can return to health and high energy.

He’s all about the process - not the hacks. Specifically, Steve inspires people to transform their relationship with food so they can regain control of their body and leverage health to live a happier life.

“We all have this ability of heightened intuition. Our reality is so much more than the five senses.

“How do I get my productivity in today in a way that is serving of my health and my happiness.”

But this episode is about so much more than food, nutrition and weight loss. Instead, we dig deeper into what drives Dr. Steve to do what he does.

Steve explains that how we do one thing is how we do everything.

In other words, whatever you’re doing with food, you’ll be doing with your work and relationships too. But obstacles are just opportunities. When you can transform your roadblocks into a new door, fear dissolves and a new path opens up.

So if you’d like to live to 150 and you’re ready to explore a new relationship with food, life, goals, and health, you’re going to love this deep conversation with Steve.

As well as practical tips, we also talk about tuning into the ‘magic’ that’s always there to guide you towards the life where maximum happiness awaits.

So listen in now and discover why Steve has become one of my favorite people!

“You want to have goals, but you need to practice taking off your blinders and being open to what I call magic.”

“Our brains have infinite wisdom. The power is in the question.”

Some questions I ask:

  • How did you land on your moonshot goal? [3:42]
  • Was there a turning point in your life that made you shift from wanting to help people to look sexy, to wanting to help people heal? [4:20]
  • When you talk about healing, are you referring to the body, the mind, or the spirit? [6:01]
  • What are the starting steps to manufacture miracles in your own life? [10:55]
  • Give me a story of how the power of saying YES led to an experience you didn’t expect. [14:10]
  • How do you cultivate the trust to say yes to opportunities where the end result is unclear? [15:49]
  • How do you balance staying yes with staying focused so you don’t get stuck with shiny object syndrome. [17:00]
  • What have you learned that would help you fast-track your progess if you could do it all again with what you know now. [19:00]
  • What questions can people ask themselves to make better choices about their health and happiness? [24:23]
  • How do you celebrate life? [32:56]
  • How many different times have you seen the same fear show up in your life? [39:00]
  • Where does our intrinsic need to go faster come from? [42:00]
  • In the midst of everything, how do you stay grounded? [44:37]

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Following the magical breadcrumbs from the universe. [1:30]
  • How Richard Branson created a turning point for Steve and inspired him to upgrade his goal to a billion. [3:30]
  • Pushing back against the messaging of the fitness industry - ‘you’re not good enough unless you can do this’. [5:15]
  • The drive to help people on a deeper level that led to a shift from mechanical to ‘complete’ healing. [6:20]
  • Steve’s incredible stories of profound healing. [8:20]
  • ‘What is the universe trying to reveal that’s in your best interest’. Why being goal driven can make you blind and the importance of taking off the blinders and see what’s in the periphery. [11:00]
  • The filter that Steve runs everything through to help him say yes to the right things. [18:10]
  • How Steve defines self care for 2018 - and the power of overlapping activities and removing labels. [21:50]
  • Why stress is not good or bad and why a lack of stress can make you die easier. [25:00]
  • Why our relationship with food (not the tactical diets) dictates everything. [27:25]
  • How Steve defines healthy, what you should eat 80% of the time, and the three core values to adopt when it comes to food. [31:30]
  • How Steve embraces and transforms fear. [35:15]

How to contact Steve:

  • Visit for anything about health, mindset, healing, parenting, and living longer.

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