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  • 8. 8. Dr. Alec Verkuilen Brogan: The Dance Between Destiny and Free Will

    In this week’s episode of Stay Grounded, host Raj Jana is joined again by Dr. Alec Verkuilen-Brogan, professor of Anatomy at Naropa University. The last episode Raj recorded with Alec was such a hit that he couldn’t wait to bring him back for a follow up. Dr. Alec takes a multidimensional approach to understanding human potential, integrating chiropractic, Vedic sciences, Jyotish astrology, and Human Design. His fascination with spiritual anatomy and the subtle energies of the body led him to develop ways of supporting grounded awakening and embodiment.In addition to teaching, Dr. Alec’s journey has been shaped through transformative experiences with plant medicine and guidance from teachers like Sadhguru. He now shares these maps and tools with others to reveal the beauty and uniqueness within each soul.Key insights include using astrological systems to understand life’s timing, embodying your Human Design for authenticity, allowing initiations to come naturally, and integrating spiritual wisdom into modern life.In addition to these key insights, Raj and Dr. Alec explore:Alec’s mystical experience as a teenager that illuminated new dimensions of awarenessHow our astrological charts reveal soul purpose and life’s hidden logicUsing Human Design to unlock alignment with our true natureLeaning into initiations while avoiding forcing or graspingEmbodying spirituality to embrace life more fullyTeaching integrative wisdom traditions as maps to self-realizationDaily spiritual practice as an anchor through all of life’s changesDr. Alec offers illuminating perspectives for living with purpose while honoring the soul’s destiny. Tune in for a fascinating glimpse into ancient sciences and grounded spirituality.Timestamps:0:48 - Intro / How Alec found himself13:37 - The awareness of purpose17:29 - How to have a mentor and still walk your own path29:41 -  The foundations of learning the soul36:25 - Listen to yourself  (it will tell you who you are)45:14 - How Alec Stays GroundedThese are the links mentioned in the episode:Website: geometryofgrace@gmail.comNaropa University: Design: How to Walk As Your Truest Self | Dr. Alec Verkuilen Brogan Part 2

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  • 7. 7. Carissa Johnsen: Activating Your Spiritual DNA

    This week’s amazing guest is Carissa Johnsen.With a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and over 7 years experience as an Intuitive, Channel, and Energy Healer, Carissa merges ancient wisdom with modern leadership principles to support high-impact leaders in reaching new levels of wholeness and prosperity by helping them access their deepest spiritual gifts.In this wide-ranging discussion, Carissa shares:What spiritual gifts are and how they connect us to unseen realmsHer journey through an intense dark night of the soul to discover her true giftsWhy community support is crucial when abilities first come onlineHow to listen to the wisdom of your heart and soulPractices like prayer and presence to stay groundedHow to trust the mysterious unfolding of your pathCarissa offers potent insights into the challenging but rewarding process of a spiritual awakening. We talk in depth about how trauma healing and taking the time to process repressed emotion creates space for your gifts to flourish.I hope this conversation offers a glimpse into the future of human potential as spiritual abilities awaken on a mass scale. Links mentioned in the episode:Instagram: - Introduction2:45 - What is a spiritual gift?5:15 - How Spiritual Gifts change the way you live38:33 - The identity of your true self44:47 - What is Manifestation50:04 - How does Carissa Stay Grounded?
  • 6. 6. Raj Jana: The Art Of Letting Go

    August 2023 marks a powerful milestone for me completing my 100 Days of Raj challenge - where I practiced choosing myself and prioritizing my wellbeing, fully and relentlessly, before prioritizing the needs of anything or anyone else outside of me for 100 days (Here's the episode where I talk about starting the challenge).What’s resulted is a new way of BEING that is anchored into the sacred geometry of who I am at my core. It’s led to incredible new opportunities, relationships, and experiences that were deeply nourishing to my mind, body, and soul. I have gotten so much better at letting go of my attachments and am accessing infinite levels of flow, ease, and inspiration as a result. I can’t wait to share my biggest takeaways with you.A few topics we discuss:How to anchor into the TRUE frequency of youUsing faith and prayer to BECOME groundedAligning your sacred geometry to the universal geometryAccess higher states of consciousness through contrastThe power of saying no to what you don’t wantLiberating yourself from limiting beliefs and storiesAccessing infinite levels of flow by playing the infinite gameBuilding the skill set of “repair” in relationshipsPowerful lessons from 100 days of choosing myselfThis month’s reflection highlights the incredible experience of LIFE that is possible when you commit to consistently doing your inner work. I hope the episode inspires you to continue looking within, especially when it’s difficult to do so, and commit to your own path of liberation. These are the links mentioned in the episode:Liber8
  • 5. 5. Dr. Alec Verkuilen Brogan: Remembering Your Infinite Nature

    This week's very special guest is my brother Dr. Alec Verkuilen-Brogan.Dr. Alec is a professor of spiritual anatomy at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, focused on studying the beauty of the subtle body. He is a traditionally trained network chiropractor who brings this knowledge into the Vedic tradition to support deep transformation of consciousness.Dr. Alec is also the founder of Geometry of Grace, a modern metaphysical framework that uses sacred systems like astrology, Tarot, and Human Design as maps and mirrors for awakening. The geometry of grace paradigm guides people to tune into their unique nature and align with grace.Through his study of Jyotish, Human Design, and 15+ years spent apprenticing under his root teacher Sadhguru, Dr. Alec’s work offers a map of the territory that must be traversed on the journey to remembering one's infinite nature. His fascination with the spine inspires people to dive deep into their own spiritual anatomy.In this wide-ranging discussion, we discuss:Moving beyond separateness to recognize the oneness of all lifeHonoring your unique human design and inner authorityFacing down limitations and illusions to relinquish what is not realThe role of devotion, prayer, and mysticism in staying groundedWhy life gets more mysterious as we awaken to truthWith decades of experience guiding others to self-realization, Dr. Alec offers rare insights into the spiritual process of burning away all that is untrue to uncover one's infinite essence. I hope you enjoy listening to this beautiful conversation.Timestamps: 0:32 - Meet Alec Brogan3:57 - Illusions of Loneliness10:37 - The Rhythm of Our Nature17:12 - How to Accrue Karma23:17 - The Geometry of Grace28:52 - Why you should stay connected to Grace35:22 - Initiation in truth44:35 - The Awakening in your initiation51:06 - The Revelation of your true self (edited) These are the links mentioned in the episode:Website: geometryofgrace@gmail.com Verkuilen Brogan: Remembering Your Infinite Nature
  • 4. 4. Dr. Dan Stickler: Living A Life of Excellence

    In this week's episode of Stay Grounded, host Raj Jana is joined by Dr. Dan Stickler, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of The Apeiron Center for Human Potential.Dr. Dan is a pioneer in the field of precision lifestyle medicine, taking a holistic systems-based approach to optimizing human health and performance. As a physician focused on high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs, he combines functional, alternative, and age-management medicine to help patients actualize their fullest potential physically, mentally, and spiritually.Dr. Dan discovered that lifestyle - not just treating symptoms - holds the key to transformation. His fascination with leveraging genetics, epigenetics, and human systems design led him to develop a personalized approach that empowers people to become architects of their own evolution.In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Dan is an author, speaker, and thought leader on topics related to human optimization and longevity. He serves as Chief Science Officer for Apeiron Academy, Medical Director at Neurohacker Collective, and guest lecturer at Stanford University.In this wide-ranging discussion, Dr. Dan and Raj explore:Navigating the stages of consciousness and integrating new awarenessCultivating curiosity as an antidote to self-consciousnessFacing down shame stories and integrating shadow aspects of selfThe role of spiritual awakening in relationships and communityMoving from a deficiency mindset to one of abundanceSurrendering the ego to feel emotions fully and authenticallyHow he stays grounded through emotional intelligence and presenceDr. Dan offers profound wisdom and practical insights culled from his own ongoing journey of growth and self-discovery. Tune in for a fascinating exploration of living a life of excellence.Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro: 4:00 - Optimizing Your Life 6:20 - Conscious Relationships 8:00 - The Stages of Consciousness 15:44 - Complexity Thinking 17:17- What is Integration?21:00 - What does it mean to live a life of excellence? 23:30 - The Value of Suffering 24:15 - How useful is meaning-making? 27:00 - Conscious relationships 29:00 - What is the soul? 33:00 - What is the value of the ego? 38:00 - What is “Shadow Work”? 44:00 - Evolution of the ego. 51:00 - Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 54:00 - Being seen failing 58:00 - Devotional RelationshipsContact info: Video:
  • 3. 3. Andrew Horn: How to Overcome Your Shame Stories

    This week’s episode is with my brother Andrew Horn. Andrew is the founder of Tribute, which the New Yorker recently called “Hallmark 2.0.” Tribute makes it easy to create group video montages and send 1-on-1 video greetings and gifts to the people you love. Since starting, Tribute has sent over 5 million video montages to people. In addition to Tribute, Andrew is the founder of Junto - a non-profit organization that is committed to the exploration of modern masculinity and personal transformation. The organization hosts men’s wilderness retreats and virtual masterminds across the United States. Through his various ventures, Andrew has dedicated his life to helping others foster genuine self-trust, authenticity, and vulnerability. He is passionate about helping others build nourishing relationships from a place of self-awareness and empowerment. I cannot think of someone more qualified than Andrew when it comes to teaching how to successfully create meaningful relationships. Here are a few topics we cover:Developing an "autotelic" personality to cultivate more flow in your life.Practical tips to ease social anxiety.How to ask great questions and shift self-consciousness when you’re in conversation with othersEmbracing the power of active appreciation in solidifying important relationships in your life.Breaking free from shame-inducing stories and establishing positive self-beliefsWhy being authentic for the sake of being authentic is not helpful for your relationshipsAnd so much more...Andrew is one of the most inspiring human beings I know. He walks the talk, lives form a foundation of deep gratitude and has designed a life that is RICH in emotional and relational wealth. I hope this conversation serves as a helpful resource for you to improve the quality and depth of your interpersonal relationships. Timestamps0:00 - Introducing Andrew Horn 3:58 - Flow state triggers 7:30 - The Antidote To Anxiety.9:30 - The ICAN Method 12:00 - Tapping into your curiosity 15:45 - How To Like Yourself With Everyone 16:15 - Discernment and speaking truth 21:00 - Purpose vs Calling 24:11 - What is a soul? 31:00 - Overcoming social anxiety 36:45 - The shame cycle 42:00 - Connecting authentically with others47:16 - How do you make your decisions? 52:00 - Overcoming shame 1:00:00 - Living in the Now - Presence 1:10:00 - How does Andrew Stay Grounded?Contact Info:
  • 2. 2. Raj Jana: Trusting The Universal Timeline

    To mark the first official full-length episode of Stay Grounded Season 2, I’m bringing you my reflection for July - a super vulnerable month of closures, deep questions, and surrendering to forces beyond my control, which challenged my ego in every way.   Tune in now and hear Georgina and I explore: What shifts when you choose to feel the things you’re most afraid of? Taking the medicine of surrender. Making the decision to close my coffee club. The power of accessing future versions of myself in the quantum. Exploring the cycles of death and rebirth.The interaction of soul, ego, and universal timelines.  Daring to dream and asking the universe for what you want. The work of evolving as a soul.Working through my core wound with Liber8’s processes. And more…As I continue along my awakening path, I’m more and more clear that we evolve in a spiral. This is why we often feel a hint of familiarity when facing challenges and growth opportunities. Same core wound, but a different perspective and entry point. A test from life. Have you really learned the lesson, or is there something deeper to excavate and resolve? Such is the curriculum of the soul. The soul is endless and moves on an infinite timeline. Yes, the ego can get frustrated, scared, or shamed when it feels it should be someone else, doing something else. But the soul knows better. The soul knows that parts of it must die before new versions can be born. The soul knows that surrendering to what wants to happen is the most effective medicine for the nervous system. The soul knows the truth. The question is, can we hold true to what’s real, authentic, and aligned - especially in the face of challenge? July gave me a ton of opportunities to help integrate these principles and deep concepts, and I’m excited to share it all with you when you tune in.LinksLiber8InstagramDisclaimer: The content of this podcast is not intended to replace professional mental health support. Listeners should always consult with a licensed mental health professional before using any tools or strategies discussed on the show.Timestamps0:00 - Intro4:00 - Becoming my own coach  7:00 - Understanding awareness and triggers 12:00 - Moving through life at the universe’s pace15:00 - Connecting to your inherent “enoughness” 20:00 - Appreciating the challenge  24:00 - Adjusting to transition points 30:00 - Understanding what life is teaching us.36:00 - Working through core wounds 41:00 - Creating clarity in your life 46:00 - Cultivating community and awakening with others. 49:00 - Choosing the divine love within yourself 50:00 - Season 2 updates